This is a customized and full integrated dashboard designed for Silicon Straits, a co-working office space in Singapore.

The main purpose of this system is to remote monitor & switch off of lights, aircon after hours when nobody is around, especially useful when the last person forgot to do it.

The hardware consist of various systems and technologies, both open-source and proprietary being full integrated together such as ZWave, Arduino, IP Camera, Webcam, RFID, fingerprint door access control, magnetic door lock, RF-based light switches.

Door access


This subsystem consist of a standard magnetic door lock and a proprietary fingerprint access control list.

Additional methods for opening the main door were added for both convenient & backup purpose

• Custom 125Khz & 13.45Mhz RFID card readers were added for backup & temporary access passes

• Wireless buttons based on 315Mhz RF were added convenient opening from inside from various location

• Distance sensors were installed near the door (from inside) to automatically unlock door when someone comes near the



Virtually any off-the-shelves IP camera can be integrated into the system with full pan & tilt functionality right from a single dashboard.

High definition USB Webcams are cheaper alternative, offer better quality of picture and can be integrated as well.


Lighting & AV equipment


Individual light switches were retrofit with capacitive touch switches for better aesthetic.

The switches are controlled via 433Mhz with proprietary protocol. However, an HTTP API was built to allow easy integration with the rest of the system.

The system contains multiple IR transmitters that can be placed at various, any IR-based devices such as TV, audio equipment, projector, aircon can be easily integrated as part of the dashboard.

Energy monitoring

ss_energyVarious energy meter were installed to monitor and record energy consumption of the entire office space throughout the day. These data enables the system to detect if someone has forgot to turn off the aircon after hours, and act accordingly.

Climate control

ss_sensorsTemperature & light level of the office space are measured and recorded for cross referencing with energy consumption data

Custom integration



Any other system with readily available HTTP API can be easily integrated into this dashboard.

Shown here are system load of a webserver, bitcoin mining status & text-to-speech PA system.