Just installed and trying out this theme Enfold for WordPress.

This is easily the best WordPress theme ever.

The screenshot below shows how my homepage was constructed using their awesome visual editor. No coding required, even for the animation!


Hiring season

Saw 4 job postings for senior iOS dev within a week since new year day. Let the hunting begins.

System reboot

My cheap $35 VPS for lifetime on cloudatcost.com was totally dead for some unknown reason.

Customer support didn’t even response after a day.

So I had to re-imaged (read: wipe everything) and start again.

Anyway, it’s has really bad uptime. I later decided to migrate everything to Digital Ocean.

Arduino & Ultrasonic distance sensor

Wave hand to turn on/off TV. Just an old trick with ultrasonic distance sensor & Arduino.

That funny sound is in ultrasonic frequency range, normally not audible to human ear, but easily picked up by iPhone microphone


Home Automation app

IMG_0660 IMG_0662